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Interpreting technology for hybrid events – a whole world of options!

Combine personal interaction with virtual global reach by making use of the extended possibilities of virtual communication – with simultando as your partner for hybrid events, which give you the benefits of face-to-face meetings and video conferencing through the ideal interpreting technology.

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Interpreting equipment for hybrid events

Interpreting technology: everything you need, tailored to your requirements

simultando can provide the complete technical solution for your hybrid event – quickly, competently, and based on many years of experience. From interpreting booths for your simultaneous interpreters to integrating the video conferencing tool and interpreting technology.

Benefit from our extensive expertise in the organisation of interpreting equipment for face-to-face and virtual events and in video conferencing technology. We will put together all the interpreting tools and equipment you need.

Reach audiences through interpreting technology: live communication on site, virtual communication around the world

A hybrid is a combination of two types of events: a local, physical event and a digital event component for virtual communication. As a rule, the interpreting booths are installed at the event venue, and locally attending participants are handed a receiver and headphones for listening to the interpretation. Your conference room will, of course, be equipped with the required technology for interpreting, such as loudspeakers, microphones and desktop microphones. The virtual tool to ensure an uninterrupted video conference is then seamlessly connected to the local interpreting equipment.

State-of-the art interpreting equipment – powerful tools for your virtual communication

We can integrate our interpreting technology with a wide range of video conferencing tools to reliably reach participants who are joining the event virtually. You have decided to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, WebEx or another virtual tool? Perfect. We'll connect your tool with our interpreting equipment. If you have not decided yet, we can provide you with an ideal solution.

We use professional video conferencing technology to optimise the transmission of your event to participants. This way, everyone gets the most out of the event - both your participants on site and those joining digitally.

Remote interpreting equipment for hybrid events

Hybrid video conferences: our hybrid full-service package for you

simultando can also offer you its full-service solution via an interpreting hub for hybrid events. With this option, the interpretation is provided from a dedicated technical studio – a remote interpreting hub. This is generally a good option when space at the event venue is very limited and setting up booths and equipment on site would not be feasible. This virtual solution also keeps travel expenses for interpreters down – and reduces the carbon footprint.

Interpreting from an interpreting hub: how it works

When you use a remote interpreting hub, the interpreters provide the simultaneous interpretation from a remote location. Virtual participants join the event via a video conferencing tool; the interpretation is transmitted to them virtually, via an integration into the video conferencing tool. Participants at the venue receive the translation in the same way as they would during a normal face-to-face event, via a receiver with headphones.

Virtual interpreting technology: a remote control for your event

We can provide technical support for your virtual participants and for the interpreters on your behalf. We will make sure that all systems are seamlessly integrated, and that sound and images are professionally transmitted to participants via the video conference.

What is a hybrid event, and will I need special interpreting technology?

At a hybrid event, some of the participants attend the (physical) event locally – other attendants and/or speakers join virtually, via an online video conference. This places special demands on the interpreting technology to ensure a smooth, uninterrupted event.

The interpretation is usually provided locally for the participants, using equipment that is installed on site. Participants or speakers who are not at the physical event venue join via a virtual connection. They are interpreted and receive the interpretation into their own language via digital systems. One good solution for this setting is to use a specialised technical hub.

Is the interpreting technology firmly integrated into the video conferencing tool for hybrid events?

If you have already decided on a specific video conferencing tool, our technicians will integrate the interpreting system into your selected tool, e.g., Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, GoTo Meeting, or one of the many others. If you have not decided yet, we are happy to select the ideal tool for your video conference and provide it along with the required interpreting technology.

What's included in simultando's technical equipment services?

When we are commissioned with providing the interpreting equipment for a hybrid event, our service includes:

Recommendations on the interpreting equipment needed to optimise your virtual event in accordance with your requirements

Providing the interpreting equipment on site or digitally

Providing the video conferencing tool or integration of the interpreting equipment into your selected tool

Installation of conferencing and video technology to broadcast your event to the video conference

Organisation and coordination of local professional interpreters

Support by professional specialised technicians for the entire virtual event

If required: test run of the complete interpreting technology together with virtual participants ahead of the event

Upon request: recording of the language channels and original conference soundtrack

Accurate translations

What our customers say

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"We have relied on simultando's full-service package for our international sales meetings since 2014. The preparation and organisation on site are always flawless. The interpreters always provide an excellent interpretation, as our colleagues from England have repeatedly confirmed. Especially with products like ours, this is certainly not self-evident: presentations and speeches at our events are highly technical. We are happy to have found a reliable partner who we have worked with for many years now, and who has always provided perfect support for our conferences."

Nicole Schreiber

Sales Management Assistant

Gira Giersiepen GmbH & Co. KG

Interpreting equipment + interpreters + technicians + organisation: simultando

You want to reach your participants on site and virtual participants via a video conference? simultando will make it happen, with the ideal combination of interpreting technology, interpreters and technicians – for your hybrid event that brings together local attendants and those in the virtual world.

Let us advise you on how to make your hybrid event a success – and ask us anything you'd like to know about interpreting technology.

Contact us for more information!