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simultando is an agency for one-stop solutions when you need simultaneous interpreters.

What clearly sets us apart from other agencies is that our founder and manager, Ulrike Schu, holds an intepreting degree and has been an active interpreter herself for 25 years. Since 1997, she has organised interpreting teams and interpreted herself on about 120 days each year. She knows exactly what it takes to ensure that an event runs smoothly and puts her expertise fully at the service of the client, be it for live events, online conferences or hybrid events.

Our particular strength is full-service project management for events. Whatever it takes to make your event a success, we offer the suitable solution: we can support you with simultaneous interpreting teams, conference technology for all types of events, written translations, subsequent simultaneous interpreting (SSI) of video recordings to lend them a 'live' feel or voice-overs of video recordings.

simultando simultaneous interpreting

What sets us apart from other agencies?

We are not just an agency – we're a partner. The success of your event, the quality of the interpretation of your video or translation of your documents is at least as important to us as to you.

That is why we don't just do as we are told. We advise, explain and always keep a keen eye on quality.

Our way of work: confident, attentive, committed.

Our core team at simultando

Ulrike Schu

Ulrike Schu

Owner and Manager

Her background: Ulrike holds an intepreting degree (Diplom) from the University of Mainz in Germersheim for English, Spanish and French.

Her strength: Twenty-five years of expertise as an interpreter and organiser of interpreting teams and technology.

What she likes: The early morning hours and ticked-off to-do lists. +49 1590 1936320
Elisa Behr, simultando

Elisa Behr

Project Manager

Her background: Elisa holds a Master's Degree in Conference Interpreting from the University of Heidelberg for English and French.

Her strength: Great organisational skill and strong customer focus.

What she likes: Successful teamwork, strong coffee, singing, and yoga.

Elisa von Karchowski

Project Manager

Her background: Elisa holds a Master´s Degree in Conference Interpreting from the University of Heidelberg for English and French. She is also a sworn interpreter and certified translator (Cologne).

Her strength: Lots of energy and a healthy perfectionism.

She likes: Hiking in nature, skiing in deep snow.

Andrea Bork, simultando

Andrea Bork

Her background: As a trained commercial assistant, our team assistant Andrea is in charge of all back-office tasks.

Her strength: She supports the team with comprehensive administrative know-how.

What she likes: Her work, new challenges and long walks with the family.

Christian Heinrich

Christian Heinrich

Project Manager and IT Support

His background: Project Manager and in charge of technical recommendations, support and IT administration.

His background: 30 years of experience in the field and never-ending patience.

What he likes: His favourite poodle Sammy.

Sammy der Pudel

And Sammy, the poodle.

Feelgood Manager

His background: Every inch a poodle.

What he (obviously) likes: Photo shoots
Because he was such a good boy.

Our extended team, from which we select the right people for your event:

We are supported by our team of simultaneous interpreters, who we have successfully cooperated for many years and who always deliver an excellent performance.

Photos: Thekla Ehling -

Logo Cosmos Centre

simultando supports the Cosmos Centre for 'River Children' in Ghana

Children with disabilities are traditionally regarded as cursed in Ghana, and newborns with disabilities are often left to die in the riverbed. This small children's home in western Ghana currently provides shelter, food, protection and affection for 18 children with disabilities. They are also cared for by a teacher.

More info on the website

simultando unterstützt den Nachwuchs im Sport. Wir sind offizieller Sponsor der Volleyball -Jugendmannschaft des SV Heiligenhaus.

Sponsoring Volleyball-Jugend Heiligenhauser Sportverein e. V.